Facing prejudices head on to achieve our dreams

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Christmas was a moment to reflect on and be thankful for our achievements and what we have in our lives. To ring in the new year it is the time where we list our goals and dreams to be able to achieve. Reservoir Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a reservoir of water it means emotions repressed or contained by long years by familiar prejudices.

On the other hand, to see in a dream a On the other hand, to see in a dream a. Mar 18,  · You get to define yourself -- and if you want to achieve your dreams, you must invest the time and energy it will take to decide who you want to be. That's a big step to take. It can feel scary.

2. Visualize your dream. Can you imagine – in detail – how the world will look like when your dream comes true?

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Visualizing your dream will energize you because you can then see how the world changes for the better and how people live a happier life because of your dream. The energy and excitement is there for you to feel. 3.

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Expect a hard way. In our communities and with our neighbors, from the coast to the mountains, and from our smallest towns to our largest cities, we will strive and fight for a more sustainable world, a .

Facing prejudices head on to achieve our dreams
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